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 This site tries to  summon  together all the  persons interested in the Pozzo Ardizzi's surname  history for sharing information about places, dates, addresses,  personal histories ...

  also invite to anyone who wants to know a little more about this Genealogy's  world.

 In the section "Genealogy" (left  part of the screen), you will be able to  walk through our past. Considering  that not  having enough data  from different sources,  you will probably discover some  mistakes.  I  invite you to send me  back any difference  or absence that you  found out.

 You will also find some photos from different  sources and epoch, as well as historical, cultural and general interest information.

   The idea is that between all, we  could design this history !!!

                            Thanks for the visit!                                                                            Daniel Pozzo Ardizzi



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  Julio César Pozzo Ardizzi  
  María Cristina Bonanata  
  Elena Pozzo Ardizzi  
  Tita (Nelly) Pozzo Ardizzi  
  Leonor Pozzo Ardizzi  
  Lilian Pozzo Ardizzi  
  Natalia Tirachini  
  Alejandro Tirachini  
  Roberto Cappa  

Thank you very much to all.






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